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Below is my Instagram feed @TheDif

The feed shows a moment-by-moment sense of what's going on in my life both professional and personal. You'll see how I see my family, my friends, my work. I have to say it's some pretty cool stuff. Hope you enjoy it and follow me.

David Difuntorum. Photographer.

I've always been an artist.

Took a long time to realize I was an artist which is weird because as a teen I turned my bedroom into an art installation. I took a ton of comic strips and attached them to one of my walls in the shape of a grinning face. I nailed shoes to my ceiling with a bunch of foot prints going up the wall and across the ceiling to end with the shoes I'd nailed up there.

I get this huge thrill knowing that I can make a camera stand up and sing and make strangers at weddings feel like a million dollars. Life is short, you know?

What that all means is I live my life with my hair on fire.

So if you want someone to throw gas on the fire, I'm your artist. If you want everyone at your enjoying themselves and feeling great when I'm around, I'm your artist.

But if my vibe irritates you then, gosh, don't hire me. Why would you do that to yourself?